Blockchain- Where to go.

Percieved by many, Blockchain is just an investing game not to hop in, to others, it is a dellusional way to rip people of their savings, to some, it is a means to survive and so the opinions keeps buzzing!

Neural Network.

So, what is Blockchain? Is it Safe?

Blockchain is a system in which records of transactions made in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer-to-peer network.

Concerning the safety of Blockchain, We are all aware that so many Scam investing schemes are rocking the web and making individuals speed to their graves, get pyschological disorders, trauma and affiliates. So, People mistake the core knowledge of things to stories they pay attention to that concerns negative experiences on what Blockchain is, without seeking relevant and prooved conversations about the subject matter.

Blockchain harbours DEFIs(Decentralized Finance Systems) which brings about the a Peer-Peer Network among users to carry out Financial Activities/ Exchanges. Which must not deal with KYC(Know your Customer) in Traditional Finance Systems. Thus, making it easier to involve in financial actions with less stress and time saving cost.

The Purpose of Blockchain is to allow the recording and distribution of digital information without editing it.

Way to go?

This will be in the Next Article containing the Subject matter.

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