Email Marketing-The New School

Email marketing is a form of marketing that makes customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other services.

Companies like Mailchimp are doing more than huge figures out here as Mail Services Providers.

I am talking about a Company founded in Georgia 2001.

Email Marketing has been on the Web for decades and Smart SMEs and Business Platforms have integrated the services of Email Marketing to Boost their sales and targets.

What is holding you up?

Laughing at one of My Friends, he said “I am taking it slowly, because I want to understand how Businesses works”

I laughed so hard! How many years will it take you to Know how Businesses works, when you keep sleeping and you are myopic on recent happenings?

Not even the Tech Giants in Africa, are neglecting Email Marketing. I am talking about the Likes of Flutterwave and Paystack among others, so, why not your Business?

Money is with people, they need well structured reason(s) to invest.

Makeri Jerry Isuwa.

The use of Newsletters will hold roughly 30-35 Percent of your steady Visitors, that is growth! We all do not need to be told that Growth is about increase.

Increase in your sales is not just getting more money, but selling your ideas to solve problems with unified Solutions.


Build that Email List today!

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